2010年7月15日 晴

I'm invisible
For what they see me but they do not

I'm nothing
But just someone who drives
Someone who accompanies
Someone who laughs on nothing
Someone who shouldn't have emotions
Someone who is easily being fool
Someone who is nothing
as if I've never exist but only when I'm useful

I'm nothing.
Nothing at all.
Not even the thin air.

I'm just someone when there's someone, anyone,
screaming for HELP
screaming for compassion
screaming to be noticed
I stepped forward,though
With every strength I have
With everything I have
I give everything, everything
And I'm still, STILL not good enough
NEVER be good enough

Once I have been told
It's destiny for what I've been through
It's the GOD's idea

I thought it was just a simple joke
I thought life's going on with the bad things followed by the good
Then I thought
Be strong

For it goes this way
Always this way
Again and again
And it never ends

I am nothing
For I have been erased
Am invisible to a world that sees but does not see

I am invisible
I do not exist
Therefore I cannot be reached by anyone

Should I even care?
Should I?